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'Believing Something At Some Point'? - 6/14/18

June 14, 2018111 min
Hour 1Happy Birthday, Mr. President...long-awaited inspector general report on FBI, Comey, Clinton and 2016, explained?...expected to condemn many?...'We have to believe somebody at some point' ...CNN's Wolf Blitzer whines, 'We are not the enemy of the America people' tired of the 'lesser of two evils' option?...Trump: Fake news = our biggest on the defense, accuses president of 'undermining'? ...Why isn't the GOP seizing the good Trump moment(s)?  Hour 2Life, Liberty and Property...the government does not own your property...Neil Armstrong's lunar 'moon dust' goes up for auction...lawsuit begins? ...Things are not 'self-evident' to millennials...more are embracing socialism, even communism? ...Lean the truth about socialism and communism with your own eyes? Only on Hour 3Domino's 'Pothole' Delivery? chain is fixing potholes in streets near you; why? ...Political Influencer Will Witt joins to discuss his latest video at PragerU...'Why Girls Shouldn't Be in the Boy Scouts' that the Boy Scouts organization is being transformed, what is left? ...the liberal, evergreen college professor who won't toe the line? ...Birthday boy gets served?...NY attorney general sues Trump Foundation 

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