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'Glenn's Back and He Has Alot to Say!' - 7/9/18

July 9, 2018113 min
Hour 1Glenn Beck is back!...The Left is 'now' worried about personal liberty rights?...Is the First Amendment a "tactic' or a 'right'?...Thomas Jefferson, a true rebel...Do we believe in these 'things'? Do we even know the 'things' we don't believe?...Declaration talk with Glenn Beck Hour 2 Is Hillary Clinton comparing herself to Winston Churchill?...Special guest, John Ziegler, discussing the actions & the truth behind Jim Jordan...The Left is already responding to Trump's SCOTUS pick and he hasn't announced it yet!...Pro-Abortion, Pro-Life, Pro-Choice=Anti Woman, WHAT???... Hour 3"Hugs not Bullets" according to the new President of Mexico...Some new stats on how Americans see our country now...Pat Gray joins Glenn...Who is going to be the next Supreme Court Justice? Are there any clues?...Looks like we have solid ground to impeach a few Justices currently sitting on the Supreme Court...Are Democrats leaving the party?...

Chat About 'Glenn's Back and He Has Alot to Say!' - 7/9/18

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