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You’re Right! – Reaction Cast for “Ejecta” – UTDR061

July 30, 201524 min
Season 3, Episode 7, "Ejecta" - Reaction Cast
Under The Dome continues, with an an effects-spectacular, entitled "Ejecta"!  Troy Heinritz (https://Twitter.com/TroyHeinritz) and Wayne Henderson (https://Twitter.com/WayneHenderson) share their initial thoughts, and ask some questions that need answers from the UTDR listener community.  Your feedback welcome at +1 (904) 469-7469 (tel:=19044697469) or visit the feedback page (http://UnderTheDomeRadio.com/FEEDBACK).

To listen to the Under The Dome 3.07 "Ejecta" Reaction Cast, you can watch the video by clicking the image above, or listen by using the player below.

Highlights in this episode:

* Our favorite, and least favorite, moments from "Ejecta".
* Were these the pink stars we've been promised all along?
* Who is that voice we heard at the end!
* Do you think that Big Jim and Julia will continue to be a team?
* What if the folks in Chester's Mill are really the last living soles on earth?
* What is your favorite part of "Ejecta"?

Chat About You’re Right! – Reaction Cast for “Ejecta” – UTDR061

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