Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom
Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom

Wrongful Conviction with Jason Flom


Season 4, Episode 12: Don’t Let The Negativity Rule You”: Vanessa Gathers, Framed By New York’s Notorious, Disgraced Detective Louis Scarcella61 min
Season 4, Episode 11: From Wrongful Conviction To Righteous Justice: From Rage to Grace57 min
Season 4, Episode 10: Michelle Murphy: A Teenage Mother Wrongfully Convicted and Sentenced To Life For The Murder Of Her Baby61 min
Season 4, Episode 9: Noura Jackson: Wrongfully Convicted Of Murdering Her Mother After Prosecutors Withheld Evidence Of Her Innocence73 min
Season 4, Episode 8: Jeffrey Deskovic: A 10th Grade Student Forced By Detectives To Make A False Confession And Freed By DNA Evidence 16 Years Later66 min
Season 4, Episode 7: Dusty Turner: A Navy Seal Behind Bars For 22 Years For A Murder Even Though The Actual Killer Confessed66 min
Season 4, Episode 6: After 10 Long Years Behind Bars For His Brother’s Crime, Kian Khatibi Is Now A Full Time Lawyer Who Represents Innocent People61 min
Season 4, Episode 5: Updates From Behind Bars: Lamonte McIntyre & Jon-Adrian Velazquez81 min
Season 4, Episode 4: A Cold Case, A Dream And A Tragic Miscarriage Of Justice: The Wrongful Conviction Of College Student Ryan Ferguson64 min
Season 4, Episode 3: Lorenzo Johnson: Fighting Injustice All The Way Up to The Supreme Court After He Was Wrongfully Convicted… Twice54 min

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