Queenie's Song

Americana Master Series: Best of the Sugar Hill Years, 3 minutes

Queenie's Song
  • Queenie's Song


Guy Clark

Some S.O.B. shot my dog
I found her under a tree
If I hadn't loved that dog so much
It wouldn't mean nothin' to me

You son of a bitch I'll tell you what
I will not be deterred
I'll find you out and track you down
On that you have my word

Queenies getting buried
It's time to dig the hole
New Year's Day in Santa Fe
Broke mean and it broke cold

I don't predict the world will end
I don't presume it won't
I don't pretend to give a damn
It it do or if it don't

Bet you got a gun for Christmas
That don't make it right
What in the hell were you thinkin'
With little Queenie in your sights


Brother Death and Father Time
Are almost loaded up
Headed for the border line
In a stolen pick-up truck

For old aquaintance not forgot
For old dogs left behind
I won't forgive and I can't forget
The year of '99

Screamin' Auld Lang Syne

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