FU-Schnickens with Shaquille O'Neal

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    What's up Doc? (Can We Rock?) (Hardknox Mix)FU-Schnickens with Shaquille O'Neal
    What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock) (K-Cut's Fat Trac Remix)FU-Schnickens with Shaquille O'Neal
    What's Up Doc? (Can We Rock?) (K-Cut's Fat Trac Remix)FU-Schnickens with Shaquille O'Neal

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        One of the oddest groups in hip-hop history, Fu-Schnickens' manic, wildly playful raps were more than just pop-culture-obsessed novelties: they were often marvels of technical achievement on the mic as well. Spiritually speaking, Moc Fu (born J. Jones), Poc Fu (born Lennox Maturine), and group focal point Chip Fu (born Roderick Roachford) were descendents of De La Soul and cousins of Das EFX. They wove dense, tongue-twisting, absurdist lyrics that were filled with references to ... Read more

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