Cradle To The Grave

Rock 'N' Roll, 4 minutes

Cradle To The Grave
  • Cradle To The Grave



Ain´t so bad, ain´t so bad, could´ve been a loserAin´t so
bad, ain´t so bad, rather be a boozerStanding at the
crossroads, see where the wind blowsFollowing the white
line, following my noseYou´ve been living on a razor´s
edge, soon as you learned to shaveMake sure you live, be a
long time deadCradle To The GraveAin´t too
good, don´t look good, but it´ll get worseDon´t look good,
don´t feel good, it´s gonna take yearsLife drives you
nuts, babe, ´cos you ain´t certainKicks you in the guts,
babe, and leaves you hurtingDon´t matter up or down,
sideways, in or outIf it makes you feel good, do it, and
then get outDon´t spend your life on your own bedCradle To The GraveAin´t so bad, ain´t so bad,
could´ve been a junkieAin´t so bad, ain´t all bad,
could´ve had a monkeyYou can´t take it with you, not
even if you earn itSo find out what you need babe, then
you´d better learn itIt don´t matter who you are,
millionaire or whoreJust get out and scrape that jar,
that´s what they´ve got it forYou´ve been living on a
razor´s edge, one way to behaveMake sure you do it, it´ll
cut you deadCradle To The Grave

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