Sorrow on the Rocks

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Sorrow on the Rocks
  • Sorrow on the Rocks


Porter Wagoner

Just pour me sorrow on the rocks bartender,
Sorrow on the rocks will do
I'm tryin' to drown my troubles,
So make it a double, mhm mhm mhm

The seat of my pants is slick from my barstool
And my hand's in the shape of a glass
My eyes look like a roadmap of Georgia
And it's a shame I've lost my class

One broken heart can do strange things to a fellow who can't take pain
But in this hundred proof condition
I'm in no position to take her back again
So pour me sorrow on the rocks...

Looks like the hair on my head ain't never met a comb
And my face is a bearded mess
My hand shakes slightly and I have to walk lightly
Or I'll weave from right to left

The music on the jukebox don't mean a thing
'Cause I'm too far gone for a song
I sure feel bad cause my baby ain't here and
I'm sorry that I done her wrong
So pour me sorrow on the rocks...
So pour me sorrow on the rocks...

Written by MOON, TONY
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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