Yung Joc

Knock It Out


New Joc City, 4m 25sec

Knock It Out
  • Knock It Out


Yung Joc

[Chorus: x2]
Yea, I been there
I done that
Knock the pussy out, now she running back
So I knock the pussy out
Knock it out, knock it out
I knock the pussy out
Knock it out, knock it out

First thing first, I likin' all kinda hoes
Some go to school, some dance with no clothes
Mama name me Joc 'cause I do the damn thing
When I throw the dick they come back like boomerangs
Beat the pussy up like a ole beat machine
Oop, there it is, bring a friend, tag team
Then I beat 'em up like the woofers in my vert
I give her Tylenol 'cause she say her jaws hurt
Need a chick like Trina, make her dreams come true
Baby when I cum, guarantee you cum too
And like big 6, the dick hypnotize minds
I put that on my mama baby if you think I'm lyin'

Lil mama I'ma (beat it up)
All night I'ma (beat it up)
That mouth, I'ma (beat it up)
That back, I'ma (beat it up)
That's right I've

[Chorus: x2]

1 + 1, then that equals two
Bitches on deck, one for me and one for you
Just the way I like, straight A-Town
Meet me in the room, guarantee it go down
Yea, your baby daddy mad, you woulda spilled the beans
Don't get mad 'cause she on my drill team
I turn virgins into sex fiends
I turn nightmares into wet dreams
Make a jookbox wet, make her think she on her cycle
Hit her from the back, then I grab her by the micros
Make her touch her toes til her knees turn weak
Neighbors complain 'cause they say they can't sleep


[Chorus: x2]

When it's time for round three, strap on another glove
T.K.O, now the hoe all in love
She love to call me Tyson when I nibble on her ear
I hit her wit a combo, now she call me Holyfield
I know it sound vulgar but that's the way she like it
Got the worlds biggest (shhh), don't matter, just don't bite it
No I'm not conceited but see I keep it trill
Playboys shout it, Mr Black and decradrill
Yea your girl say my name, please don't take offense
Have 'em bent like this, suckin' on some gangsta shit
I don't think it's worth it if you really want the truth
Cause at this phrase in time she givin' brain in the houpe


[Chorus: x2]

[Bridge: x2]

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