Cardi B Details Almost Dying From Her Butt Injections Procedure (VIDEO)

By Isha Thorpe

July 11, 2017

In the first episode of's #OneCrazyAssStory segment, Cardi B detailed the time she got illegal butt inflections from a lady in Queens, New York -- and almost died.

Everybody knows how snatched the rapper's body is and she's always been vocal about getting work done on her behind. But, we never really knew all of the details about the procedure... until now. It turns out that Cardi was almost killed by the lady giving her the shots.

Cardi says that when she used to work at a strip club, she noticed that she wasn't making as much money than the other women, who had bigger rears. The former "Love And Hip Hop" star also said that her boyfriend at the time cheated on her with another woman with a bigger butt. So, these things made her insecure and want to get one, too. 

Cardi said that she went into the dark basement of this Jamaican lady to get the procedure. The artist said that she soon became extremely nauseous and had difficulty breathing. On top of that, the pain was extremely "unbearable." Cardi said, "It felt so hot, like putting an iron on my ass." However, she left with the butt she wanted. As for the Jamaican lady who did the butt injections, she's now in jail for killing someone who also went to her for a bigger butt. 

Watch Cardi B speak about this near-death experience above. 

Photo: Getty Images

Cardi B
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