Cardi B Gets Slammed For Old Tweets About Women, Fans Defend Her

By Isha Thorpe

August 10, 2017

Cardi B is under fire for some of her old tweets. These messages were deemed disrespectful to some black women, specifically women of darker complexions.

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If you're from New York, you know that "roach" is a word that is sometimes used to insult somebody who you don't get along with. It's sort of equivalent to calling someone "dirty." This brings us to some old tweets from the rapper that are rubbing people the wrong way. 

In a few now-deleted tweets, Cardi calls some women "roaches." After seeing these messages, many on social media began calling the MC a colorist who was referring to only dark-skinned woman this way. People who were bumping "Bodak Yellow" yesterday completely began cancelling her with a quickness. Take a look at some of Cardi's old tweets showing this below. 

Since then, Cardi has responded with some receipts of her own. She posted a video where she called herself a roach. "I called MY OWN self a [roach] before so stop it! it's a word I use a lot Bronx b**ches use a lot stop trying to make it into some racist s**t." See that below. 

**WARNING: Explicit language**

Fans have been defending her, too. According to them, she's not getting cancelled anytime soon. See these messages below. 

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