The Notorious B.I.G. Once Pulled A Gun Out On Lil Kim In The Studio

By Isha Thorpe

October 27, 2017

While visiting N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s "Drink Champs" show, Jermaine Dupri admitted some very shocking news about a studio session with The Notorious B.I.G. and Lil Kim that went left.  

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According to, the So So Def bossman let it be known that Biggie was once on his "Brooklyn bulls**t" when Lil Kim was making him angry. We all know about the two's messy relationship where Kim was his protégé and lover, while he was married to Faith Evans. But, it turns out that their relationship was a lot more crazy than we previously thought.

“I think he [Big] had smashed Kim’s sister,” Dupri said about Biggie getting upset with Kim. “This is in the music, though.” Then, Dupri starts rapping lines from the B.I.G.'s song “Friend Of Mine.” In the track, he spits, “She’s saying I dissed her ’cause I’m f**king her sister/ A message to the fellas, that really gets them pissed.”

Dupri goes on to say that Kim's vibe at the session while working on Usher's “Just Like Me” track was really negative after this alleged sexual encounter. That's when Dupri admitted, “Biggie pulled the strap on her.” 

“To get her to do the verse?” N.O.R.E. asked. Dupri replied, “No, to let her know he’d kill her.” 

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