Drake Bell Comments on His Own Throwback Photos

By Nicole Mastrogiannis

December 28, 2017

Drake Bell has been up to a lot this year. He released his latest EP, Honest, as well as performed live on tour, and on top of it all, he just filmed a new movie with Debbie Ryan, Jerry Trainor (who you will remember from Drake's Drake & Josh days as "Crazy Steve"), and Taylor Swift's brother Austin Swift. And there is a lot more in store for his fans in 2018. Drake told iHeartRadio during an exclusive interview:

"I'm working on a new EP right now, and I just finished two music videos for the last EP that'll be coming out in January, and about February I have two new ones. And a lot of touring. We're putting together a tour right now. I've got a lot of Latin American dates in the works, like Argentina, and Brazil, and Mexico, Chile. Just mostly touring. Just trying to get out and play live and get the music out there. And also, I have a movie coming out. I did a movie with Debbie Ryan, and Jerry Trainor, and Austin Swift, Cool Taylor [Swift]'s brother. It's called Cover Versions. It's about a band that goes to Coachella, and then there's this crazy murder mystery, and you don't know what's going on, kind of a drug fueled madness. It was really cool to get back with Jerry Trainor again, because he played Crazy Steve on Drake and Josh, so it's just really cool whenever we can kind of reunite."

Now that you're caught up on Drake's newest projects, let us take you back; back to the turn of the new millenium, when the actor/singer graced our television screens on The Amanda Show and Drake & Josh. Drake himself recently took this stroll down memory lane as we took a look at some of his best throwback pictures over the years. Read on below.

Home Improvement

Drake Bell - 'Home Improvement'

"Oh, that's awesome, wow. This was me, I was probably eight years old, this was the the first TV show I think I ever did was Home Improvement. I was little Pete. I was Pete Bilker's son. That was really cool. That was a long time ago. Just being on set with all the other kids, and Tim Allen was so nice and funny. I think it was the first time that I had ever been on a set of something that I'd watched on TV. So it was the first time of this is what being an actor is and being on set is like, and hair and makeup and all those, like, kind of my first dive into that. So it was pretty cool. I'm so little. Look at that haircut, by the way. Wasn't that just amazing? Look at that, the bowl right there."

Drake Bell


"Studs, definitely. This was Josh and I. Me and Josh were on The Amanda Show, and I think I played a bully that was picking on Josh's character or something like that. And we were just always goofing off when we're not working."

Drake Bell

Awesome Matching Denim Outfits

"This is a cool one actually. I'm funny sometimes. This was Kid's Choice Awards 2003, so this would have been a year before we started shooting Drake & Josh, and this was the first red carpet that we did after finding out that we had got Drake & Josh the show. So, this was the first time going down, and getting to talk about the new show we're gonna do and everything. That was kind of the first incarnation of the Drake & Josh show. And yes, we definitely ... the caption was 'Hey, Josh, you were in that awesome denim outfit? Yeah, dope, me too.'"

Drake Bell

Merry Christmas Drake & Josh

"This was when we did Merry Christmas Drake & Josh, and what's cool about Merry Christmas Drake and Josh is we were finished with Drake and Josh, and the show was already over, and Dan Schneider came to us and said 'You know, we never did a Christmas episode. It dawned on me that we never did a Christmas episode. Wouldn't it be cool if we all got back together and did a Drake & Josh Christmas Special?' And so we'd already been away from each other for about a year, a year and a half or two, and so it was like a great big reunion to all come back together and work for about four or five weeks on a project. So, it was like a big high school reunion, kind of. It was awesome."

Drake Bell

The MOST Iconic Duo

"This is the 'I Love Sushi' episode of Drake & Josh, where we spoof the I Love Lucy chocolate episode. And, Josh and I aren't huge fans of sushi, obviously, and we had to ... You know, the conveyor belt starts running fast and we have to be packaging this sushi, but it's going too fast, so we're shoving it in our shirts, and throwing it up, and in our mouths and everything. So this is just sort of telling everybody how we feel about doing that for the day."

Drake Bell

THE White Suit

Drake Bell

"Oh, my goodness. This was me trying to hang out with the Kennedys, obviously. This was ... I don't know, John Lennon had a white corduroy tuxedo, and I thought it was dope, so I had one made, and that was my style back in 2006, apparently. You know what's awesome about this outfit, though? What's really cool about this is they did a Saturday Night Live spoof where Kanye [West] is ruining all of the awards shows, and so they do a Kid's Choice Award spoof, and they have ... I can't remember which cast member played me, but it was me and another one of the cast members was dressed, because Josh wore a tuxedo this Kid's Choice Awards. And so it was them dressed like this, and Kanye comes, and they're like 'Hey, we won the Kid's Choice Awards,' and Kanye runs in and steals the Kid's Choice Awards away from them. So, I thought it was pretty cool that they spoofed me on this, and I liked that."

Drake Bell

Hanson Fan

Drake Bell

"Wow, this was back in the day. This was at the House of Blues. I was going to see Hanson. Wow, how do I remember that? I was going to see my friends Hanson at the House of Blues in LA, and I was probably, gosh, I've got to be 14 in this picture. That's a long time ago. That's my Tyler Durden inspired look. Yeah, wow."

Drake Bell

Fuller House

"This was cool. A friend of mine, my next door neighbor is a writer on Fuller House, and she invited me to come and hang out, and the director who was directing that episode had directed tons of Drake and Josh and The Amanda Shows and everything. So he was an old friend of mine, and it was cool to just go and visit. I hadn't actually met John yet, because John and Josh are really close, because they worked on Grandfather together. And I hadn't met John, and so this is our first kind of meeting, and I thought it would be kind of funny to, I don't know. He handed me an eggplant and thought it would be a funny picture, so yeah."

Drake Bell

While taking a walk down Memory Lane, Drake also recreated an iconic role of his: Totally Kyle! Live from his garage. Check it out below.

Drake Bell

Photos: Rachel Kaplan/Getty Images

Drake Bell
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