2018 Psychic Predictions: Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Britney Spears & More

By James Dinh

January 2, 2018

It's that time of year where we must reflect on the happenings of 2017 and look forward to the New Year with hopes of prosperity, wealth and all that good jazz. Regardless of their level of fame or wealth, celebrities also hope for continuous growth and achievement. After all, their lifestyle really isn't all that it's cracked up to be. 

As we do every year, iHeartRadio took to the guidance of a local tarot reader from the New York City area to gather some insight into what's to come for some of your favorite superstars. For the 2018 year, Haylin Belay, a self-proclaimed witch and seasoned sex educator for the Manhattan borough, welcomed us into her cozy Bushwick apartment, where we spoke about the near future for names like Taylor Swift, Kanye West and Britney Spears. As a California-raised Millennial, Belay first started practicing tarot for herself until she started to understand the power and utility it was beginning to have in her life. "I think coming to tarot was partially looking for ways to rebuild an organizational principle for the world, or recreate order in a world that felt really fragmented at the time," she explained of her initial interest in the cards.

Eventually, Belay decided that she wanted to turn the personal practice into a public one after bringing her cards to a friend's birthday brunch. "I was like, 'Oh my goodness. This has been so useful for me, and how wonderful and lovely to have it be useful for other people,'" she recalled of the experience. From there, the multi-talent would go on to work on an intuition-based style of readings that would take time to develop, but create an intimate dynamic with her clients.

In less than a year, Belay mastered the deck card by card, developing an understanding for the storytelling of the visual medium and nailing the syntax and language of what the cards meant in correlation to one another. Now, using her handy Rider-Waite tarot deck as well as some Reiki techniques, Belay came face-to-face with the narratives that the cards had in store for some of our favorite stars. Scroll on below to see some of the celebrity predictions that Haylin foresaw for these superstars in the 2018 year.

With her growing fame and success, will Taylor Swift be able to adjust to this new magnified stage of her career?

"The Star is normally representative of optimism and idealism and everything that's sunshine and roses. What we can see it as in this situation is this card really represents the one thing and the only thing that Taylor Swift and Beyoncé have in common. In many ways, they exemplify technical perfection. The Star is really about that ideal perfection, and that represents the tension that Tay-Tay has currently been holding as someone who is meant to exemplify this perfect image that's impossible to uphold.

The two things that are at stake for her here, and this is why I'm annoyed, is because to see the Hierophant reversed to me says that there's some kind of possibility of bucking social norms. . . Maybe 2018 is the year that it happens, and maybe if that happens, hand to God I will get another tarot tattoo because this sh*t must be real. I think the other possibility is just a regression into the pain and conflict that we've already seen. This to me, seems so much more likely. But, who knows? Yes, the reason I shape this as a triangle is this is where she is now, then the pathways that are available to her. I think the fact that both of these cards are reversed, but they're reversed for different reasons, this is reversed as a bucking of order, and this is a reverse of regression into the same old bullsh*t."

It's been a quiet 2017 for Kanye West. What kind of Kanye West are we in store for in 2018?

"I don't think Kanye's confused ego is gonna get better any time soon, so the story that I'm seeing here, not to sound like the track, 'I Miss the Old Kanye,' but the old Kanye, the Chariot, that's somebody who has total confidence in their ability to move. If that doesn't describe the old Kanye West, I don't know what does. And then, there's the semi-recent chapter up until most recent Kanye. I think the King of Pentacles, it can represent mastery over one's resources, but I think in this case it also represents Kanye's preoccupation with building wealth, which is not an unreasonable preoccupation for a black man in America to have by any stretch of the imagination. I think this story here inevitably leads to an ends with the Page of Wands reversed, which is a very confused ego.

Passion and drive and all of these things, without necessarily direction or intuition or that free flowing movement, Wands is our soul, energy, and the Page is the child of the court cards. You can think of it as the child's mind, or really some of the most tender and vulnerable intimate parts of our self-expression, our ego, our passion. To see it reversed here, especially in this narrative, this is someone who's used to experiencing a lot of control, and power and mastery. Given that this is the Page of Wands, to me that says this is in a process of growth. This might be another year before we hear a ton more from Kanye, professionally, personally, whatever, because this to me says there's a lot more growing up to do, so to speak."

After sharing so much of herself with Lemonade, how will Beyoncé top herself in 2018?

"I don't even want to say this because I want to keep Beyoncé's name out of my mouth, and Beyoncé's business out of my mouth. I don't even feel right talking about this, but a lot of what this says to me is there's more familiar, marital drama in the future, which I guess is inevitable. I know they both released these albums that were all about how they got back together, but this is dissatisfaction; this is spiritual poverty. I think there's more challenges ahead. It might not necessarily be in her marriage, but I think we're going to see, in a strange way, more vulnerability from Beyoncé, who is the world and everything. Oh my God. I hate this because I don't want to see bad news for Beyoncé. This is how you know I'm not throwing the cards on purpose. She has cracked open, but, look, when her self-titled album came out, we were like, 'Gasp. She's talking about her sex life with Jay, and grown woman things,' and then Lemonade came out, and we're like, 'Sh*t. She's really talking about grown woman things.' Who the f*ck knows what comes next?

Both of these cards also have a lot to do with money, and I think that's something that Beyoncé has been more and more explicit and open about. She's really not shy about saying, 'Get your paper. Best revenge is your paper. Billion dollars and an elevator etc.' Walking out with that f**king roll of money clutch bag. Both of these cards do have an undertone of financial greed or misconduct, or kind of materialism. Something along those lines. Beyoncé is everything, but what we're going to see from her is more of this kind of muddling through these issues, and I'm sure it's going to be glorious. It's going to be beautiful."

With new music scheduled for the New Year, how will Justin Timberlake fare in a pop landscape that has changed so much since his last album?

"If he can manage to hit some perfect storm of something, it's going to be for a reason that no one saw coming that he was successful. . . .Whatever he's going to throw out, if it's going to be good, it has to be something that is new, different enough that just happens to hit that right chord that people are responsive to, but I don't think he's going to get there by relying on kind of the JT that we know. Point being, he's got to change things up. It's going to be something different, and it's going to be something, again, unexpected. Look, he's a musical genius, he's a legend for a reason, but it's something that people were not [prepared for]."

As rap's reigning queen, how will Nicki Minaj fare in the battle to keep her spot at the top?

"Nicki is really at a point in her career where she's not a rising star by any stretch of the imagination. She's evaluating what she has in front of her and looking more towards what's the long-term investment here. You can't be Nicki Minaj forever. 

That's where her mentality is at and should be. Not to say that she's not still interested in being the reigning rap queen. I think she's made that more than clear, but I think you can even see, just in the way that she handled the whole invented Cardi B beef, I think Nick of 2009 might have had a different reaction to someone coming up as a challenger, because in 2009, she could be challenged in a way that she can't be in 2017. That being said, there is somebody that she does need to worry about. There's someone she doesn't need to worry about who is something of a sort of a false pretender, so someone who maybe seems like they are going to overtake her, but they're not actually the main concern.

The real concern is there's either someone or something happening as far as it comes to the rap game, and especially as it has to do with female rappers. I think there's going to be just a new wave that Nicki's not necessarily about to ride on. I don't know what that thing is. People might have their suspicions of what that might be. Not to say that 2018 Nicki's going to slow down, but I think her relevance as someone who's doing some of the most important stuff ... I mean, that's already not really been true when it comes to innovation and things like that, and I think we're about to see either a person or more likely a movement of people that are really innovating. This person is like the new Nicki. That's not the thing to be concerned with. The thing to be concerned with is something else entirely. I hope Stan Twitter doesn't find me. Don't go on Twitter."

After celebrating her legacy at her Las Vegas residency, where does Britney Spears go from here?

"I think 2018 might be a year of some heartbreak. Not necessarily bad heartbreak or painful heartbreak, but grieving. This is the end of a legacy, and the story that I see here is this is a temporary setback. It'll be very uncomfortable for someone who's been a lifelong performer, to transition out of being necessarily in the spotlight all the time. I don't really necessarily see here that she's going to go on to do a lot more. I mean, Vegas is big. I don't know if she's going to be doing stuff that's much bigger from here on out. 

This, to me, really reads like someone who's transitioning out of something that's really meaningful and powerful to them, but all of these cards are in a reversed orientation, and the Britney that we know is changed. I think she'll certainly be a public figure for the rest of her natural life, but not as Britney the performer."

How will Camila Cabello fare establishing herself as a solo artist?

"Everyone was against her. At a certain point, money is going to be a pretty major concern. She's going to have to change up what she's doing. Whether that means, changing up her style, her look, more likely, death is a pretty major change. Maybe you're an actress, sweetie; maybe you're a model; maybe you're something else; maybe you're a TV host; maybe you're not; maybe this isn't for you, because this, especially this kind of combativeness. . . .I think you're going to see her make more decisions that, like, 'Why is she doing this? Because she's got to pay her bills.' We all got to pay our bills."

For more information on Haylin's work as a tarot reader and sex educator, head over to her official website or subscribe to her newsletter, My Feminism Involves Witchcraft.

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