G-Eazy Answers Your Burning Questions About Love (VIDEO) | EXCLUSIVE

January 5, 2018

Just before 2017 came to an end, G-Eazy closed out the year in a big way by finally releasing his highly anticipated fourth full-length studio album The Beautiful & Damned, and the record has now become the rapper's third US top 10 album. 

On album release day, G-Eazy explained how much this new body of work meant to him, writing on Instagram, "I put my whole life into this project and to see it finally come out is a great feeling. The album is my ups and my downs my dark my light. Thank you for the patience and thank you for the support! Every artist, producer, studio, DJ, collaborator and anyone that has had anything to do with it thank you!"

The Beautiful & Damned features a whopping 20 tracks, including features from artists like Charlie Puth, Cardi B, A$AP Rocky, E-40, Kehlani, and Halsey, among several others, and will be taking his new album on the road during his upcoming tour in 2018.

But, speaking of Halsey, she and G-Eazy have been gracing everyone's IG feed with their Relationship Goals pics and general cuteness. Exhibit A:


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Making a relationship work in the spotlight takes work and patience, but based on the above picture, it's also very worth it. So recently, G-Eazy stopped by iHeartRadio HQ and gave some pretty good advice to some fans who submitted their questions about love. Read on below.

What is the secret to having a successful relationship?

"I think ultimately, it's about being patient with each other, and meeting in the middle, and having your own separate things going on that you do independently, but that you come together to do as well."


We just started dating in November. Do I buy her a Christmas gift?

"Yeah. Yes, you do. You don't get to be cheap there."


What's a good way to slide into a girl's DMs?

"I don't really do that personally, but I have a friend of mine that tells me that he sends the rose emoji 🌹. And sometimes he sends two roses 🌹🌹. And apparently, it's a pretty effective method."


Is it OK to say "I love you" first?

"Yeah, somebody's gotta do it. And if you feel that, and you're brave enough to say it, then go ahead and say it."


She saw her boyfriend liking other girls' pictures on Instagram, and confronted him about it. She doesn't like that he continues to do this. Does she break up with him?

"Well, how deep is your bond if that's all it takes for you to be gone, is my personal reaction to it. I think if you like something on Instagram, your thumb just did that. It's not a grand gesture, or a big long love letter that you took time writing. It's just, you know, your thumb could've done it on accident, just scrolling by. Who knows. But then again, if that really bothers somebody, then stop doing it. It's not that hard to stop."

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