Bob Seger Issues Health Update: Pain Is Constant

By Andrew Magnotta

February 23, 2018

Bob Seger is worried about his career after stopping his U.S. tour last fall to have emergency back surgery.

Seger had hoped to resume his tour in March, but that doesn't look likely anymore. He's trying to stay positive, however.

“I'm in the recover mode. The pain is down,” Seger said to TeamRock in a new interview. “I’d say it's 1 out of 10, but it's constant. It's nagging, and unfortunately I can't sing or play or lift anything more than five pounds until it's gone. So it's difficult to work out or anything. I can walk, that's about it -- work with my three-pound weights a little bit, but not over my head. It's maddening. I'm just stuck here. I can't go to a show, I can't go to a game, that's it."

Seger was optimistic about his recovery in a December interview, but it appears not much has changed with his status. 

"I hope this pain goes away, 'cause they can never really guarantee it — and if it doesn't, then I'm done, dude," he said. "...I think it's gonna be okay, I really do. But, God, it's taking a long time."

Seger says he's passing his time thinking up ideas for new songs and listening to as much music as he can, but of course he can't do much writing at the moment.

“Rather than waste my time and watch TV or something, I just listen to a lot of music right now," he said. "I'm going to keep drilling myself with music that I like and analyzing it: 'Why do I like this? Why do I like that?' and get ready for writing. That'll be the first thing I'll do, a little bit of writing, and then hopefully I'll have to start rehearsing for the shows. I really hope I'm not done.”

If the pain does go away, Seger says his voice should be fine since his doctors avoided his larynx during the procedure. 

The Rock and Roll Hall of Famer was under the same restrictions regarding lifting heavy objects or singing in December as he is now. 

"Oh, and it was going so good, the tour was," Seger told Billboard last year. "The band was playing so great. I hated to stop."

Seger's most recent album, I Knew You When, was released in November. 

The album is dedicated to late-Eagles co-founder Glenn Frey, a longtime friend of Seger's whom Seger helped get started in the music industry.

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