The New American Idol Is 'More Compassionate'

By Dustin Stout

March 12, 2018

Luke Bryan and his fellow American Idol judges are showing some heart on the show’s comeback season.

The premiere of Idol took over ABC on Sunday (March 11) and fans witnessed the first 13 auditions in New York City, Nashville, Los Angeles and Orlando.

Of the first crop of talent, nine aspiring artists received tickets to Hollywood and four others received what Katy Perry calls “constructive criticism.”

“We really encourage them,” she says. “There’s no dismissing and just sending off and saying, ‘You suck.’ That’s not how we roll. I think in the past there was some of that and maybe taking advantage of people; their actual skill sets for comedy. We don’t do that anymore but we still laugh just as much.”

Luke adds the judges “get wrapped up in [the contestant’s] stories.”

“We’re compassionate at times,” he says. “When we’re not compassionate, we get emotional. We have moments where we’re softies.”

American Idol continues Sundays and Mondays on ABC.

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