Little Boy Hilariously Ruins His Mom's Gender Reveal

By Dave Basner

July 15, 2019

It's pretty surprising people still have gender reveal parties because it seems like they are so often ruined. Whether it's because of multi-colored balloons, potty-mouthed relatives, or the appearance of eerie figures, there are many ways for the event to go off the tracks. 

However for one mom the party was ruined before it even started and it was all captured on her home's surveillance camera. 

Florida mom Chanelle Alvarez Mendoza was bringing a large balloon to her car to head to the gender reveal party where she would pop it and see what color the confetti inside it was. Unfortunately for her, her young son had a different plan for the balloon, and he used a toy sword to pop it as his mother walked down their driveway with it. 

The demise of gender reveal balloon Number 1... The second popped at Party City and the third had 3 scraps of confetti left in it 🎈🗡

Posted by Chanelle Mendoza on Monday, April 2, 2018

As pink confetti rained down, Chanelle first just stared, then she walked back to the house clearly annoyed. 

It didn't give away too much of a surprise though - she had another balloon that burst at Party City. And her bad luck didn't end there - the balloon she finally did get to pop only had a few pieces of confetti in it. 

Hopefully her pregnancy will go smoother than her gender reveal party. 

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