Weatherman Starts Yelling At Co-Anchors Live On-Air

By Dave Basner

July 7, 2019

Winters can be tough for everyone, especially folks who live in colder areas, and this winter feels like it's been longer and more brutal than usual. While weathermen have no control over what Mother Nature brings, they still wind up taking a lot of heat for whatever is in the forecast. 

However one meteorologist in Michigan had enough of his co-anchor's negativity around his reports, and he let them have it with an epic rant live on-air

Garry Frank at FOX 17 in Grand Rapids was so sick of his co-workers constant pessimism about the weather that he lashed out, yelling things at them like, "You guys are dragging me down!," "What do you want me to do, lie to you?" and "You expect me to be chipper for five straight hours. It's miserable!"

Things get so bad that when it comes time to give his report, Garry essentially gives up and says, "Here's some wind, here's some temperature."

Following the rant, one of the anchors peeked on the screen and said, "Is he done? That was terrifying."

What makes matters even worse is the weather is going to be bad in the Grand Rapids area in the coming days so Garry's work isn't going to get any easier. 

However, he decided to just pretend it wasn't going to happen that way and put up a forecast that his co-anchors would approve of:

thats a peach

They wanted a certain forecast....I gave it to them! "That's a peach, hon."

Posted by Garry Frank FOX 17 on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

If only Garry's latest forecast were true every day!

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