Mysterious Beast Terrorizing Argentinian Neighborhood

By Dave Basner

April 16, 2018

If you believe in monsters then you might not want to read this story because the residents of Santa Fe, Argentina are sure one is terrorizing their town. A resident posted a photo of some kind of creature, claiming that the animal killed a pit bull terrier and a German Shepherd in his neighborhood.

The blurry photo shows a large but thin four-legged animal that appears to be about seven-feet tall. It has a hunched back and a head similar to a horse's. Some people claim it's a demon, others are convinced it's a chupacabra, and many believe it is some kind of monster

Of course, there is only the one photo of the creature, and it was originally posted to YouTube by an account called UFOmania, so keep that in consideration when you think about if the monster really exists or not. 

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