INTERVIEW: Kash Doll Talks 'Brat Mail,' Drake Sliding In Her DMs & More

By Isha Thorpe

May 8, 2018

If you aren’t too familiar with Kash Doll, we suggest you get it together ASAP. This Detroit, Michigan native is the truth and she’s coming for the spotlight whether you’re ready to give her some shine or not. She’s taking it!

Born Arkeisha Knight, Kash Doll has steadily worked her way to where she is now. After graduating from high school, she started working as a dancer. She would soon transition into a model and through her love of writing, Kash eventually decided to launch a rap career. In 2012, the artist would release her first track, “Freestyle.” And from there, she never looked back. Kash would continue to drop other songs and mix tapes, including 2015’s Keisha Vs Kashdoll and 2016’s Trapped In The DollHouse.

With all of the hard work that she’s put in, Kash has gotten recognition from some of the music industry’s top heavy hitters. Fellow rappers like Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Rick Ross, Big Sean, Trina and more have all given this young star her props. Some of these artists have collaborated with Kash, while others have shouted her out for her music.

When he saw Kash on her grind a couple of years ago, Drizzy even took things further. The 6ix God once slid in her DMs and asked her if she wanted to open up for him at his Detroit stop of his Summer Sixteen Tour. If that’s not a huge co-sign for Kash’s phenomenal talent, we don’t know what is.

iHeartRadio was so hype to speak to the beauty about her success and her already bright-looking future. Kash dropped her latest project titled Brat Mail on March 14, which is also her birthday. #TeamPisces!! So, we asked her about the day’s significance, her journey and so much more. Check out our interview with rising star Kash Doll below. Buy Brat Mail here

What made you want to release Brat Mail on March 14?

I picked my birthday because March 14th is the day I was born and it's the day that my dad, my daddy, he passed away. My father passed away. I was just so excited because it's an emotional day for me, but I'm also celebrating his life and celebrating my life. And I just felt like it was a special day to give my fans something because that day means so much to me. So, I wanted to give them something that I couldn't give them for like two years because I was stuck in a label situation where I couldn't release any music. So, I'm like this is a perfect day... I'm celebrating.

What do you want people to take away about you from Brat Mail? Who is Kash Doll?

Oh from Brat Mail... I made that music like two years ago. They [fans] heard it in the background of like Snapchat and Instagram posts and they always wanted it. So, I really just wanted to give them that. It's not really much that I wanted them to take from it. But, [it] just is a celebration. I'm free. It's all anthems, it's hype songs. And now we can hear the songs what we've been wanting to hear. But, they're all up-tempo anthems. So, I just wanted them to take away the happiness and it was a celebration. I just wanted them to be happy with me. 

I love your song “Check.” Do you know what you did with your first industry check?

I didn't ... I still have underground money. I already have a house. I already have a car. We have all the jewelry. I already have all the clothes. So, it's like, I just put that up. I was still spending the underground money (laughs). 

Who’s the last person you had to check?

My boyfriend, this morning, actually. When we go out, I always got to keep him in check (laughs).

Let’s talk about Drake. How was it opening for him on the Summer Sixteen Tour?

I love Drizzy. I was going through my legal situation where I was telling you guys, I couldn't release music for two years. And it was like, dang. He was just like a blessing to me because I was so sad. I was torn. I had a heartache for two years. I couldn't be myself. I couldn't release. I couldn't... it was just ... Oh, my God. He came at a point where I was just like broken and DMed me on Instagram and asked me to open up for him. 

I love Drake forever for that because first off, he's Drake. Let's take that in. This is Drake in my DM. That's first of all. Okay. First of all, you're in my DM and you're Drake. Let alone, open up for you? He's like one of the biggest [of] all time now and you ask me to open up for you, like he really believes in my music. He didn't come at me no other way but, you want to open up for me? So, it just meant so much at that time. It would have meant a lot now. But, at a time where I couldn't really be myself. I couldn't release any music. I couldn't do it. It's like, he seen something in me. I can't even explain the way that I felt. I was just so happy.

Nicki also shouted you out in a recent interview. How does it feel to have so many well-established rappers supporting you and loving your movement?

It feels good because I know that I'm not going unnoticed. I told you after a while, I felt like ... oh, my God. I'm just in the dark. Nobody gonna hear my music. I'm just here looking stupid. That's what I was thinking. But, it means a lot and it's just validation and because I actually look up to Nicki. I like her music and I love Drake. I love Rick Ross, he reached out. Fabolous reached out. It's a lot of people. So, I'm happy that they think of me how I think of myself.

**WARNING: Explicit language**

Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio

Kash Doll
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