Meek Mill Returns To Philly Talks Life in Jail, New Music, & Family Time

May 24, 2018

Meek Mill has been out of prison for a month now and came back to his hometown of Philadephia to the Power 99 Rise N Grind Morning show to talk about life in and life after prison. 

The 31 year old rapper from Philadelphia discusses new music and being back in the studio, spending time with family, getting his head together, reading fan mail, and more in his first full-length sit-down interview in Philly. 

Originally Meek was supposed to be serving a 2-4 year sentence for violating his parole in 2017, but after only serving 6 months he was released thanks to The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordering him to be released immediately on an "unsecured bail." During his time in prison, Meek was uninspired and says he didn't write music because he didn't feel good about it. In a real moment, Meek said "If I don't feel good I don't write music. I ain't inspired." 

Meek was first imprisoned at age 18 for committing a crime but was locked up time after time for minor offenses and technical violations while on probation such as the dirt bike incident in New York and the fight he got into at a St. Louis airport. The dirtbike offense was  cited as "reckless endangerment." Because the violation happened while on probation, Meek was sentenced to two to four years at the State Correctional Institution in Chester, PA which prompted the #FreeMeek campaign, also in the process making the Philly rapper a household name and face of prison reform. 

In the interview, Meek explained the moment he found out that he would be released from prison: "When you go to superior or supreme court they rule on the day they want to rule, it's not like a court date. Like you put a motion in front of them... and they make it public information... that's when everyone knew. I found out I was in my cell watching the news... I was in the cell and they was on the news 'Meek Mill for bail' I couldn't believe it. I had to turn to another station and he was saying the same thing. It was like a breaking news. I was super happy. Started packing my stuff. I was out in the next two hours." It was shortly after this moment that we got the footage of Meek running out of the prison right into the helicopter of Philadelphia 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin, to go to the playoff game that night and officially welcome the rapper back home! 

During his time in prison, Meek explains getting treated like a celebrity in jail and why that was not a good thing. He also discusses how his time away affected his relationship with his son and moving past the anger and bitterness of being in prison. 

Check out the full Interview With Meek Mill back in his hometown of Philly below...

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