Father Warns About Dangers Of Drinking Cold Water When You're Really Hot

By Dave Basner

July 12, 2018

On a sweltering day when the sun is blazing and sweat is pouring down your face, few things are more appealing than an ice cold glass of water. But like all wonderful things in life, sometimes what you most want to eat or drink is not good for you, and one man learned that the hard way. 

Houston's Adam Schaub spent July 3rd cutting up logs in the 100 degree heat with his dad. Realizing he should take a break and cool off, Schaub headed to his dad's truck to enjoy some water in the air-conditioned space. He gulped down two cold bottles of H20 but then noticed something wasn't right

Hoping others might learn from his mistake, he posted on Facebook about what happened. Adam described how he started seeing spots, feeling tingling in his hands and feet and got nauseous. Thinking he was going to throw up, he opened the truck door but then blacked out. The next thing he remembered was his dad rolling him over and wiping off his face. 

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: So we've all heard not to drink really cold water in the heat, but a lot of us haven't...

Posted by Adam Schaub on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Schaub said his dad told him his eyes had rolled back in his head and he was out for a few minutes. When the EMTs came, they explained to Adam that drinking cold water when you are too hot can actually send your body into shock. Apparently, because of the quick change in temperature, your brain thinks your stomach is hypothermic and sends the body's warm blood there, which could cause you to lose consciousness. 

Fortunately, Adam didn't have to go to the hospital but he did have a warning for anyone reading his post - to only drink cold water in sips when you're hot, and if you need "fast rehydration," "room temperature water is better." 

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