Video Shows Dog Turning On Stove, Starting Fire, Nearly Burning Down House

By Dave Basner

September 28, 2019

When most people leave their dogs at home, they might fear coming back to a chewed-up slipper or a knocked-over trash can, but one pet owner in Michigan almost didn't have a home to come back to because of the trouble his German shepherd Dahlia got in, and he caught it all on his home surveillance camera.

The man shared the footage on YouTube and in it, you can see Dahlia on her hind legs by the stove. At one point, her nose nudges the dial, accidentally turning on the gas and lighting it. Another dog,a good boy named Hendrix, saw what was happening and moved as far away as he could. The fire ignited a case of soda that was sitting on the stove and as the flames rose up, cans of soda began to explode. 

Thankfully, the flames extinguished themselves and damage was minimal. However, this isn't an isolated incident - according to the National Fire Protection Association, up to 750 fires are started by pets each year. Using stove knob covers meant for baby-proofing can help prevent your pet from starting this type of blaze.

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