Is Grover Cursing In This New Yanny Vs. Laurel-Style Clip?

By Dave Basner

December 27, 2018

Earlier this year, there was nearly a civil war over a sound clip that some people swore was of a man saying the word "yanny," while others were positive he was saying the word "laurel." Somehow, the world made it through the disagreement in one piece, but now there is an even more shocking illusion for your ears and it comes from the beloved show Sesame Street

On a recent episode, Rosita was talking to Grover about moving her cameraphone. Grover responds by saying, "Move the camera, yes, yes that sounds like an excellent idea," and if you listen to the clip below, that's exactly what you'll hear.  

However, many people think Grover just might be saying "yes, yes, that's a f***ing excellent idea," and even if you heard him say "that sounds like" the first time around, if you watch the clip again thinking he says "that's a f***ing excellent idea," that's just what you'll hear him say. 

There is no question he says "that sounds like," but even knowing that, it's still hard to not hear the blue guy drop the f-bomb.

Photo: Getty Images

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