2019 Psychic Predictions: Drake, Cardi B, Justin Bieber & More

By James Dinh

January 4, 2019

2019 is officially upon us and that means we're in the midst of another year of non-stop celebrity announcements, full of engagements, makeups, breakups and the alike. It can be excessive to see headline after headline flash in and out of our feeds, but there's rarely a dull moment when dealing with celebrity phenomenon. Nonetheless, we're curious as to what lies ahead for the rich and famous.

As an annual tradition, iHeartRadio sat down with Calley Nelson, a Brooklyn transplant by way of Chicago, who bridges the art of tarot with gameplay, to get some insight on what is to come in the New Year for some of your favorite stars. Since obtaining her aunt's deck as a child, Nelson has honed in on her long-form spin on psychic entertainment, bringing her deck around to read for friends and simple bypassers. "Since I was 10 or 11, I've had tarot in my life and it's just this thing that I could do. I started reading right after graduating college. I started reading for strangers and was just surprised at what I could pick up," she admitted.

Flash forward to 2019, and Nelson has quit her job as a full-time editor and is focused on bringing her brand to the next level. Beyond cultivating dynamic one-on-one connections with clients and her routine stay at Renegade Craft Fair, she is also set to launch her new Gamify Your Life program, a new practice that brings together tarot and a Dungeons & Dragons-esque set-up. "There's no science to back this up, so we just have to trust that if it resonates with you, then it resonates with you. If it doesn't, then it doesn't and that's fine," she said of tarot. "It's just a mode of storytelling and getting in touch with who you really are and thinking about how a tarot reading can launch you off into a place where you're more analytical of who you are and who you want to be."

Nelson went on to admit that she doesn't feel like tarot gets a good rapport nowadays but it's easy to see how her journalism background has helped her take her once-hobby and turn it into a positive and engaging full-time business. "I went to school for writing and I just grew up reading a lot. I think that my journey with tarot is intertwined with my journey with communication with words and I like the idea of being an oral storyteller," she explained. "There are all of these oral storytellers and they come up in our lives in weird ways."

With those very skills and the Spoila tarot deck handy, Nelson made her way through our chosen celebrities and the questions that we had about their 2019 year. Scroll on below to read her insight on Drake, Cardi B, Justin Bieber and more!

2018 saw Drake take controversy with his son and magnify it to his advantage. Is his winning streak going to continue strong in the New Year?

Page of Cups, upside down, is saying he might be more focused on his child, or at least looking at his inner child, and it might be a less recent abrasive year and more about introspection and seeing how his child's life is different than his own and what ways it's more similar. Page of Cups is what I call to look at in what ways you were hurt when you were younger. When it's upright, it's this joy and really just exploring what made us love our lives when we were younger. It's this curiosity. It's this willingness to live and I think that he'll be more focused on his inner child and his physical child in the New Year and just making sure that the needs of his kid are being emotionally met and that his needs are being emotionally met. There's this call to focus on that fatherhood, but he might feel torn in a few different ways, too. I can draw a couple of cards on that.

Page of Wands, upside down, is another inner child card coming through, but this is more about creativity. Drake might be more focused on how his creativity was stifled when he was younger and how he wants to make sure that his child is having experiences where they can riftget in touch with their inner artist. He's gonna be reflecting a lot on who did this when he was younger and he might get back to writing more about that to you because Drake has this huge chip on this shoulder, too. I think he'll start talking a little bit more. He has in previous albums, too, but I think we might see that come up [with] him looking like the context of how he got to this level of success and goingfocusing on that story that he had when he was younger. I'll see if it comes up physically or if this is just a time of introspection for him, but the momentum might slow down so he can do some kind of work. 

Ten of Swords, upside down, is saying that he realizes that he can't hit a bottom. It's only going up from here. Privately, 2018 was a difficult year for him and now he's like, 'I can only get better,' but it's going to take some time to heal and to think about his role as a father and not just to his son, but to his own inner child.

It's only getting better and better for Cardi B, but how is she going to balance her A-list status with being the normal girl that we all fell in love with?

Three of Cups [says] she might be doing more collaboration and be called to bring up some of the people who she used to work with before she found this success. I'm gonna draw another card, but there's this call for community and she's focusing on who she wants to work with and who she has an emotional connection with more than what she should be doing. She's some someone who's a deep feeler and she responds well in groups and in group contexts. I believe she had a lot of stage fright and maybe still does. We see these celebrities but there's also this deeply personal life and there might be aspects of her that she keeps to herself, so she becomes this caricature of who she riftis, but there's a deeper side to her. With the hermit, upside down, it's about trying to get out of that shell and be who she goingis to a public audience and I think that she has friends and people who support her in finding herself. We might find a little deeper side to Cardi B.

The sun, upside down, is saying that there is this darkness over her success, unfortunately, but her friends bring her out of that. She does feel like she's an outsider in a lot of ways and in order to cope with that, she kind of shuts down. I do think there's some positivity in this. Let's see if there's anything that Cardi B can do to kind of combat any depression or feelings of inadequacy or just wanting to shut herself in.

The high priestess, upside down, is balancing the rational side with the intuitive side. Right now it's a little bit out of balance, one way or the other. It's just about getting in touch with who she is and not letting other people's opinions dissuade her. It's like building that group of people around her who trust her, who know that her process sometimes involves her going deep within herself and I think if she gives herself the space to do that then she'll be able to keep that momentum going. I think the more public she is this year ... I don't know if that would be in her best interest.

I do think that she's kind of going through it right now with fame and it's just hard to know who to trust and also what to trust in terms of creating more. There's a big pressure to create more and it feels unfair, so I do think maybe she'll go through a period where she retreats a little bit as long as it doesn't become self-destructive. With the justice, upside down, card, [it's about] thinking about what's the most right for me and not what's the most right for this audience or for this group of people or my fans.

How is Justin Bieber going to incorporate his religious beliefs into his pop music?

The King of Wands, upside down, [is about] having a lot of ideas, but not knowing where to put them and also this pressure to replicate success. I think there may be a little bit of a burnout. When the King of Wands is reversed, he has a difficult time getting in touch with that power. Sometimes he has all of these great ideas but then they fizzle out and also the King is coming from a place where they're accomplished, they've worked with so many people and they have a court around them. This is probably his fanbase. I think that's he's just feeling out of touch with his creativity right now and trying to figure out how his new life fits into his pop music is going to be a struggle for him.

Queen of Swords may be his wife, someone who has a really strong sense of direction, a really clear belief system and might push him in directions that he didn't think were possible. This is just a really strong and independent woman. I'm going to draw a card to see what's coming up between them because I'm seeing resistance with him and her. 

The Four of Swords is this retreat from the public eye, so he might also be taking this time to regroup, recenter and just spend some time alone. It's a card of rest, recuperating and actively deciding to rest. She may be saying to him, 'You're going to burn out or you're burning out. You can't put all this pressure on yourself to create.' 

And then we have the Tower. In this period of rest, Justin Bieber might have a spiritual awakening. . . It can be something that is constructive and I think that he's being called to find a center and fully determine who he is and who he wants to be next. There's this call to just let inspiration come through even if it doesn't fit the model of what he thinks that it should be.

Britney Spears has another Vegas residency on the horizon. Is there new music ahead in 2019?

Four of Swords is finding a little space for herself like meditating or this decision to actively rest. Let's see if something comes in 2020. To me, this is saying that she's going to keep everything kind of close to her, at least towards the beginning of this year. Let's see toward the end of 2019 if she decides to release some new music.

The Four Coins, upside down, [says] she's going to release a few things. I think she's going to release some singles before she releases an album and it might be 2020 until we see an album. Four Coins is building stability with myself physically or 'I'm keeping everything close to me right now,' but then when it's upside down, it means that she's releasing (in this context) her tracks slowly because there's a little bit of fear because it makes her question her stability or it makes her question what she's created. It feels good to just make and know that it resonates within.

Ten of Swords, upside down, is this feeling of being defeated. It's like, 'How do I come up from this?' There's a completion point for her in a way and she feels a little bit dejected and maybe she's like, 'I don't know if I'm done with music or not.' I don't know. I think this is going to be a struggle for her.

I'm going to draw a card now on her painting because I know she's been painting more. She's getting in touch with other parts of her art. Nine of Wands, upside down, I think that she a little bit insecure about her art and wants to really feel it and wants to put it out there, but is just not sure if it's her fight to fight or her battle to have. Like artistically, she's trying to figure out what's most her, what makes the most sense and coming from this musical place, there is this pressure to release things. But then no, 'I just kind of want to keep my stability here because as soon as I put it out there, then other people are going to critique me or try to push me back down.'

Let's see if maybe there's something that can help Britney. Eight of Cups is about going on an emotional journey on your own. Eight of Cups is trying to figure out what that path is for you and not listening to what anyone else is telling you [and] just completely trusting your intuition to open up a new road for you. This may be a physical journey, or it may be an emotional journey. This is emotionally calling to her, but she doesn't know much about it, so I think there's a new medium that she'll find a lot more comfort in that she doesn't feel is dictated by the ideas or concepts of others and it's just totally hers. She's discovering that for the first time. It might to continue painting, but I think it's gonna be a different art form. I think it's going to call on her emotionally. It's not something she is expected to do.

Lastly, we have Kanye West. This year was a chaotic year for him on personal and professional fronts. Will he be able to find some peace knowing that he is who he is, for better or for worse?

Ace of Cups [says] he's realizing that when his needs are taken care of, then he can take care of his fans and his family. There may be this emotional growth that Kanye West is experiencing and it's coming from this joyful place. He's able to really access part of himself that I think a lot of celebrities fear. It can come off selfish, but it really is in the better interest of everyone else that he's having fun and living a life of joy first, so there might be some happiness around the corner. I think what's coming to me, too, from looking at this imagery is it could also mean that there's a new kid on the way too. It's this new emotional journey. I'll draw a card and see what that is. 

Six of Swords, upside down, says he might backtrack. Some of the things that he said in the past year have been very controversial, so he might start thinking about what he said a little bit differently and saying, 'No, I actually believe in this.' I think that he's going to reassess that a little bit with the Six of Swords, upside down. Sometimes you just patch things together, make it work and push it out. I think he's going to be returning to his roots a little bit. It could also mean he's redoing some music that he's done. We might see some B sides.

Eight of Cups says he's probably going to off on his own emotional journey or exploring a new interest that compels him that maybe he doesn't know a lot about and will find some richness there. I think that's where that Ace of Cups is starting. There's like a duality here and there usually is Kanye. He's just a dynamic person. Even though he's going back to the roots, there's also this forward push to explore who he wants to be in the future. It might be something that's private and we might not know too much about.

Ten of Cups, upside down, is saying there's a rift within his family life with this idea that you have to be the perfect family. There's no such thing as a perfect family. If the Kardashian-West family isn't perfect, then who is?

High Priestess, upside down, is a call to balance that rational side with the intuitive. Maybe one side is coming in a little bit too strongly than the others, so it's just a matter of re-centering and trying to figure out what he truly believes in so that he can come up with art that resonates with himself and resonates with other people. 

This conversation has been edited for length and clarity.

For more information on how you can set up a tarot reading with Calley Nelson, head over to her Instagram account. If you're in the New York City area, she'll be available at the Artists & Fleas Soho event between January 26th and 27th from 11 AM - 8 PM.

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