Dan + Shay Reveal Their Real Life "Me vs. Drunk Me" Situations (VIDEO)

By Nicole Mastrogiannis

January 10, 2019

Dan + Shay have had an epic year — a year worthy of celebrating with lots of "Tequila." Their hit single off their 2018 self-titled album became so successful and transcended country music, opening the door up for a larger group of fans for the duo, as it has made its way to pop radio. And the guys' current single, the romantic "Speechless," is on the same path.

The duo, comprised of Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney, explained to iHeartRadio of their brand new music, "It's been incredible. Our fans have really supported this new album. Obviously we have so many fans who have been there since the beginning, but this record has really been a game changer for us. 'Tequila' was so big and people were coming in that hadn't heard us before. And then, being played on pop radio now, it's just a crazy thing. So, our fan base is growing, our little army is growing, and it's just incredible to see the reaction from our fans on the new record."

To celebrate the tremendous impact of "Tequila," Dan + Shay also played a game of "Me vs. Drunk Me." We presented the guys with several real-life situations and asked them to tell us "Me" or "Drunk Me." Read on below.

When you end up texting the wrong person

Shay: "Drunk me."

Dan: "Oh that's me, that's me. I'm terrible at texting. I think my fingers are too fat for it. I'm not good at it. Not good."

Shay: "I have a buddy named Paul, and I had, for some reason his old number is in my phone as well as his new number, and I have no idea which one is which. So, at least like once a week when I call him, this lady answers and she's furious. She's like, 'I told you not to call back here again.' And she's really furious, so she gets a bunch of missed calls from me."

Dan + Shay Me vs. Drunk Me

When you hit the convenience store late at night

Shay: "That's just me. And drunk."

Dan: "Drunk me definitely hits the convenience store late at night, especially when I'm in New York City. It's dangerous. The bodegas, like cruising around. Everything is open so late. You know what really gets me though is the pizza places that used to be 99 cents, now they're $1.25. Maybe I just went to the wrong [place]. Dollar pizza's the jam."

Shay, during your iHeartRadio Album Release Party last June, you told fans an awesome story about finding a Transformers helmet at a gas station convenience store.

Shay: "I did. That was just me I think. We were on our way up to the cabin [and] we hadn't quite started drinking yet. I did have on my Bud Light pants. But yeah, I bought a Transformers mask that trip."

Dan: "Also on that trip, [we] convinced ... there were like three chairs that were thrown into the woods. Wasn't us, promise. But, our friend had a little bit too much to drink. He got 'drunk him.' And, we convinced him the next morning that he threw all three chairs off the thing. He still feels guilty about it to this day. He had nothing to do with it.

Shay: "Lee, to this day, if you asked him, he'd be like, 'Man, I'm sorry about that guys.'"

Dan + Shay Me vs. Drunk Me

When you find random money or objects in your pockets

Dan: "I wish that happened [to] drunk me. But, that just happens to sober [me]. Sober, long-haired curly guy Dan."

Shay: "Yeah that happens to me all the time."

Dan + Shay Me vs. Drunk Me

When you fire up the Mario Kart

Shay: "That's just me. I'm a Mario Kart fiend. I love it. And also drunk me really loves it, because we play Beer-io Kart. You have to finish a beer before you take the lap around. It's really great. It's a special time."

What's your character?

"It depends. Usually Luigi or Toad. Depending [on] drunk me or me."

Dan + Shay Me vs. Drunk Me

When you find yourself buying rounds of drinks for your friends

Dan: "Oh I'm very frugal, so that would have to be drunk me for sure."

Shay: "I'm trying to get all my friends drunk, so that would be just me."

Dan + Shay Me vs. Drunk Me

When you make random purchases or impulse buys

Dan: "I think things through too much, so probably sober me. I don't have like an online shopping account or any passwords saved anywhere, which probably saves me when I'm drunk. So I don't buy things."

Shay: "I get caught by like the body pillows and the wave blankets. They know exactly what's good."

Dan: "He's a SkyMall guy."

Shay: "Yeah, they really know how to get me. Like, 'Man, are you sick of, you know, sleeping? We have this blanket that'll make you live forever.'"

Dan: "You bought this one ... you bought the phone holder that snaps to the back of the chair on the airplane. You should see him when we're on an airplane. He's got this little thing that clips to the person's seat in front of him, and he has a movie right in front of him. It's pretty crazy."

Dan + Shay Me vs. Drunk me
Dan + Shay 2019
Dan + Shay 2019
Dan + Shay 2019

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