The Chainsmokers Admit They Wanted To Perform At Fyre Festival

By Allie Gold

February 8, 2019

The music festival that never happened, Fyre Festival, always looked to good to be true. With supermodels frolicking through beautiful clear blue water in every promotion and a lineup including Disclosure , Major Lazer and others what more could you ask for? Well it ended up being one of the biggest disasters that have now required not one but TWO documentaries on the subject to come out since the incident.

Everyone was intrigued by the event after seeing it promoted on their Instagram's. This included other A-list artists like The Chainsmokers to want in. The duo tells Elvis Duran on his morning show Thursday February 7th that they were definitely intrigued by the festival. "I have to give someone credit right now. Because I was like, 'We gotta go! Like, look at this thing. It looks amazing!' Our agent was like, 'I’m telling you that something’s fishy about this.' I was like, 'SHUT UP! GET IT DONE!'," Alex Paul , 33, told Elvis Duran about being enamored by Fyre's flashy marketing video.

Lucky for The Chainsmokers, they ended up not accepting the invitation - dodging a giant bullet in the end.

Sammy Krost , the talent booker was recently on with On-Air with Ryan Seacrest , VIP music experience... he too was scammed. He tells Ryan, “I have to say the lineup was really strong ... but everything else fell apart,” Sammy said while recalling the disastrous event on-air on Friday, January 25. “… I did lose money,” he added. “FYRE Media was kinda like my baby; as a talent booking platform we did about 80 deals in a matter of five, six months … we built a team of what started as three to 20 and everyone kind of lost their job overnight unfortunately.”

As both documentaries show, founder Billy McFarland has since been convicted of defrauding investors of $27.4 million, among other charges. 

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