Ghost Apples Beautifully Haunt Michigan Farm

By Dave Basner

November 23, 2019

Most people don't enjoy extremely cold weather, like the kind when you walk outside and can barely move because of massive amounts of snow or thick layers of ice. However, it turns out that all that wintery weather can cause some beautiful images. A farmer in Michigan stumbled upon one example and knew that what he was seeing was so unique, he had to grab his camera and photograph it.

It's called a ghost apple and the rare phenomenon happens when rain or moisture around an apple freezes in the cold. Then, temperatures warm up enough to cause the fruit to rot, decompose and fall, but not enough for the ice to melt. It leaves an amazing outline.

The ice retains all the details of the apple, making it seem like it's a piece of glass or crystal art.

Nature can be pretty amazing!

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