Bridezilla's Scam Ruined By Her Own Wedding Photos

By Dave Basner

March 15, 2019

Weddings can be incredibly expensive, but costs can be cut by scaling down on decorations or cakes, however, what one bride did to save a little money was very wrong, and she was caught red handed. The woman hired florist Forever To Hold to help with their wedding. The company, owned by Sarah Weatherill and her mother-in-law, Lisa Husband, arranged the flowers for the woman's big day, only to get a call from her later on telling them she never received the $132 bouquet she ordered from them. Certain it had been sent, Lisa and Sarah were at a loss as to why it wouldn't have arrived. After months of back and forth, the business owners relented and refunded the bride's money, telling Metro that while $132 is a lot of money for a small business like theirs, the customer is always right.

Except this time, the customer was very, very wrong. A bit after sending the refund, Sarah and Lisa spotted the woman's Facebook page and scrolled down to photos from her wedding. There, they noticed she was very happily holding the bouquet she claimed to have never received.

The women were certain it was the flowers they sent out since it was a perfect match, down to the exact wrapping paper they used. They even got more pictures from the photographer so they were absolutely sure.

Sarah stated she was "shocked" to see the bouquet adding, "I bet she thought she’d never be found out but you can’t hide anything any more with social media." She went on to note, "There’s so much out there in the news about businesses scamming brides but I’ve never heard of a bride who scams a business."

When they confronted the woman, she offered to pay back just $27, but when Forever To Hold threatened to call the police, she paid back the rest.

The bride had been claiming that the flowers appeared at a neighbor's house months after her wedding and after she got the refund. She said she had been planning to return the money originally but had forgotten about it.

Today it has saddend me to be scammed by a bride. We as a business go that extra mile for each and everyone of our...

Posted by Forever To Hold Ltd - Multi Award winning Business on Monday, March 11, 2019

Forever To Hold shared their story on their Facebook page. Meanwhile, the bride has since gotten rid of her Facebook account and her husband says he plans to contact a lawyer.

Photo: Getty Images, Facebook

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