Fletcher Talks Her Billie Eilish Fandom & More

By Taylor Fields

April 17, 2019

From Hannah Montana impressions, to The X Factor, Fletcher's journey has finally led her to her hit single "Undrunk," and 2019 is most definitely her year.

Fletcher has found much success with "Undrunk" and much of that has to do with how vulnerable and relatable the song is. It's a heartbreak anthem for this generation. She recently explained to iHeartRadio of the song, "It's definitely been a song that I've been holding close to my heart for a while now, and I'm so excited for everybody to finally hear it. 'Undrunk' is a song about wishing you could undo hooking up with somebody [and] undo loving somebody. I think we've all had that person that's ripped our hearts out of our chest and stomped on it a million times. You just wish you could erase them from your memory, in a way. 

With all of the amazing things in the works for Fletcher, fans will get to see her perform live during the Daytime Stage at the iHeartRadio Music Festival this coming September, where she will share the stage with a lineup of stars including Billie Eilish, Maren Morris, Zara Larsson, and man others. Ahead of her Vegas set, we asked her some questions about the lineup. Read on below.

Who she would love to stage dive with: Billie Eilish

"I 100% would love to stage dive with Billie Eilish because I feel like she would be such a mean stage dive. She has the craziest energy in her live shows."

Fletcher 2019

Who she would love to collaborate with: Maren Morris

"I would most like to collaborate with Maren Morris. I think she's such a badass."

Fletcher 2019

Who she'd hit up the blackjack table with: Juice WRLD

"My ideal blackjack partner ... I feel like Juice WRLD would be a good blackjack partner, 'cause he's probably got a mean poker face."

Fletcher 2019

Who she would invite to game night: CNCO

"I would invite CNCO to game night, just because I feel like the more, the merrier, y'know what I mean? Like, you need more people on your team."

Fletcher 20019

Who she would go to karaoke with: Brett Young

"An impromptu karaoke, I feel like I'd have to go with Brett Young. Gotta get those vocals."

Fletcher 2019

Who she is most excited to see: Billie Eilish

"I genuinely am such a fan of Billie Eilish, so I think her live shows are sick. I'm stoked to see her."

Fletcher 2019

Who she would hit the Vegas strip with: Zara Larsson

"I'm gonna have to go with my girl Zara Larsson again."


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