Steamy Real Estate Video Deemed Too Sexy To Sell House

By Dave Basner

February 15, 2021

With so many houses up for sale, real estate agents are having to come up with creative ways to get offers. Typically, this is done with some impressive staging and attractive photos, but occasionally, someone tries something that sets them apart from the rest. That's just what one real estate company in Sydney, Australia did when they chose to film a video that helped market one of their listings. It worked - the video brought a lot of attention to the house - but it was a little too much attention for the firm. That's because many people tuned in because of how steamy the video was - so steamy that LJ Hooker Bankstown, the agency that commissioned it, pulled the visual for being too sexy.

LJ Hooker hired two dancers for the clip and filmed them very close to one another at 42 Chamberlain Road in Padstow, Australia. Along with some incredibly intimate poses, the pair also strips down for some swimming in the home's modern pool. The company removed the video, saying that while they are "always looking for new ways to market our listings," this time they "missed the mark." In a statement, they explained, "We understand that our recent video circulated on social media promoting one of our listings may have been taken out of context by some and for this we apologize. We have removed the video from our digital and social media channels."

However, copies of the video are still online, though, according to one agent, those videos are much tamer than the original. It seems true based on the comments people have been saying about the original, including one real estate agent who stated, "Nothing, and I cannot stress this enough, I mean nothing, could prepare me for this video. You'd think after working in real estate for 12 years I would have seen it all, apparently not."

As for the owner, he reportedly "loves" the original video. Because of the clip, the agency has gotten calls on the property, which is a four-bedroom, two-bath contemporary home going for $1.7 million, but there is no word yet on there any offers yet.

Photo: Getty Images

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