Sting, Stewart Copeland Have Reunited For A Documentary

By Andrew Magnotta @AndrewMagnotta

May 17, 2019

Five-time Grammy winners The Police, reu

Longtime band mates in The Police and frenemies in real life Sting and Stewart Copeland recently reunited for the purposes of an upcoming BBC documentary.

Parts of their conversation will appear in the What Is Music and Why? film, scheduled to be released next year.

Copeland explained in a recent interview with WENN that the documentary explores the phenomenon of music from a variety of angles, including from biological and sociological standpoints.

"it's about cognition and the evolutionary purpose of music and why it has this profound effect on us," Copeland explains. "We knew we like music, but we don't really appreciate how deeply ingrained this is and how much it controls us."

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame drummer adds that music is the only art form that affects people's "motor control."

"Shakespeare and Rembrandy don't do that," he said, before acknowledging his longtime band mate. "Sting does that! most of his songs are love songs, so beyond sex. It's also romance and bonding."

He acknowledges that he and Sting did some bonding of their own during their interview for the documentary. The famously volatile pair were known for relentlessly needling each other over their contributions to The Police.

But What Is Music and Why? brought them together for an honest conversation about music like nothing they ever had before.

"We would argue about this particular song but not music in general," Copeland added.

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