Make-Up Artist Unbelievably Transforms Dog To Cheer Up Sister

By Dave Basner

June 14, 2019

When a sibling is upset, most people resort to hugs or maybe a joke to cheer them up, but what one makeup artist and body painter did puts them all to shame. The cosmetics genius used their skills to transform a French bulldog named Loki into a totally different species. Using a white Siberian tiger as inspiration, the makeup artist turned the pup into a much fiercer animal, just to, as they wrote in the caption of the YouTube video featuring their creation, "bring a smile to her face." They wound up bringing a smile to a lot more people's faces too.

Loki seemed to love the attention. And don't worry about his new look, it was done using only water-based organic face paint. His owner explained, "He is like our child, and I would never use anything that would hurt him or be bad for him." Sadly, after pics and videos were taken, Loki was given a bath and lost his stripes.

Photo: YouTube

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