Horrified Man Finds Alien-Like Creature Hanging From His Ceiling

By Dave Basner

May 5, 2020

Most people freak out when they encounter even the smallest of bugs in their house, but one man not only found a huge critter in his home, but it was unlike anything most people have ever seen before. Hari Toae spotted the creature hanging from a curtain rod by his ceiling recently and was unable to identify it, saying it "looked like an alien." The Bali, Indonesia resident made sure to get a video of the creature, which seems to have characteristics of a giant cricket, but also a hairy octopus. Stranger still, he allowed it to remain in his home because it was raining that evening. He explained in his YouTube caption, "I will let it stay in my house, but only for the night. I don't want it to scare my guests away."

Hari also noted, "It's not something I've ever seen before. I don't think it comes from this neighborhood."

It turns out the creature is a creatonotos gangis, a species of arctiine moth found in Southeast Asia and Australia. Those weird tentacles are actually the insect's four pulsing scent organs, which come out of its backside and emit pheromones when the moth is seeking a mate.

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Esemplare maschio di Creatonotos gangis (Lepidottero Arctide) con i coremata molto espansi. Sembra un fotomontaggio o la scena di un film horror, ma altro non è che una Falena moooolto...virile! Le strutture digitiformi che fuoriescono dalla sua porzione posteriore sono i coremata, organi ghiandolari estroflessibili adibiti al rilascio di feromoni che servono ad attirare le femmine per potersi così accoppiare...ma ovviamente non si tratta di peni, sebbene anche in questa situazione le dimensioni potrebbero contare... Il Lepidottero in foto, diffuso nel Sud-Est Asiatico e in Australia, ha coremata le cui dimensioni dipendono dalla dieta durante la sua fase larvale: più le piante nutrici di cui si nutre sono ricche di alcaloidi pirrolizidinici, maggiori sono le dimensioni di queste impressionanti strutture! (Testo di Andrea Bonifazi) #science #scienzenaturali #scienze #naturalscience #nature #naturestyle #naturalist #naturalista #naturalistas #natura #naturalistlife #wild #wildlifephotography #seguicisufacebook #paginafacebook #divulgazione #divulgazionescientifica #divulgation #didatticaambientale #andreabonifazi #corema #creatonotosgangis #horror

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Even after knowing what it is though, it still looks like it came from another planet.

Photo: YouTube

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