We Can't Stop Watching Jimmy Kimmel Translate Cardi B Lyrics For Old People

By Peyton Blakemore

July 18, 2019

Oh, Jimmy.

On Wednesday night's (July 18) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, the late-night talk show host invited Cardi B and Offset to star in his recurring segment, "New Lyrics For Old People," where he explains popular song lyrics in a way that older audiences can better understand them.

For Wednesday's segment, Cardi and Offset rapped a few bars of their hit "Clout" and then Jimmy translated. First up was the Migos rapper who, rapped, "Straight out the streets to a penthouse/Miami beach/Yayo." Without missing a beat, Jimmy explained the line, saying, "I came from humble beginnings, but now I own a condominium in Florida." He also added Offset's, "Yayo."

After getting that explanation right, the host went on to explain the line, "Get the whip/Put it up for my seeds/No cure for the IG disease."

"Seeds are kids, right?" Jimmy asked. "So, I'm saving my money for my children, and I love Instagram—a lot." Correct!

Jimmy though wasn't so lucky with his translation when it came time for Cardi to rap her bars: "Mouth still say what it wants to. Vagina still wet like a fat b*tch."

"I believe in free speech and I am sexually aroused," Jimmy responded.

"No, it doesn’t mean that," Cardi corrected him. "You ever heard that, like, big girls have better vaginas than skinny girls?"

"Of course, of course! My mother taught me that when I was young," he quipped.

"They say that. And that’s what I meant," Cardi added.

After having Cardi rap a few more lines, Jimmy went on to explain the overall meaning of the track, saying. "I think what we’ve learned here is there are a lot of people who are really trying to take some of your fame by taking shots at you and you guys have had enough of it, yes?"

"They do anything for clout," Offset rapped, confirming Jimmy's explanation.

Clearly impressed by his own translating abilities, the host then said, " I should really be on the next song." And funny enough, Cardi and Offset agreed. "Some people don’t understand our lingo and I think you would be really good at that,” Cardi said.

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