Big Sean is Accused of Cheating in "Single Again" Short Film

By Taylor Fields

July 29, 2019

Big Sean has a lot to say with his new music, including his brand new music video for his recently-released song Single Again."

Directed by Lawrence Lamont and filmed in Detroit, in the "Single Again" video, Sean finds himself in trouble with the law and accused of cheating based on the public opinion of those who come to this conclusion from what they see on social media, and all in a society where cheating in a relationship is publishable by jail time. The visual also follows the story of a young couple with a baby on the way, who break up and are "single again" after disagreeing about whether or not Sean really cheated.

In a statement, Sean said of the visual, "The video has a lot of important messages, but the main one is for people to 'wake up and smell the roses' in a world where we wake up and check our phones instead."

The rapper also added in a series of tweets, "I shot this video in Detroit, hired locally in the city and we made it with good energy n all love. I know what it’s like to be in social scandals where even with no information/evidence, just people assuming will blame you and turn on you. It's something that's been happening to black men especially forever and I wanted to touch on that n show how social media has the power to sway people's opinion to the point of hatred."

He concluded, "This is also a video of love and a beautiful couple who has to decide is it better to be separate or understand each other’s difference be stronger from it. Played by @RyanDestiny and @KeithTPowers."

Watch Big Sean's "Single Again" short film above.

Big Sean

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