Granger Smith Reveals Family Moved Out Of House Where Son River Drowned

By Lindsey Smith

August 16, 2019

A little over two months after country singer Granger Smith lost his son in a drowning accident, he and his family have given a new update stating that they are saying goodbye to the house where it occurred.

On Thursday (August 15), the "Heaven Bound Balloons" singer uploaded a new video to his family's YouTube account to let fans know that they've decided to leave the house where River had his accident. "I absolutely loved our house where we lived. After the accident with River, it changed the way we felt there," he explained. "There was a lot of… thousands of really good memories and one really bad one."

He continued that he and his wife Amber went back and forth about moving or not because River loved the woods near the home but, ultimately, they had to prioritize the well-being of their other two children. 

The family looked to their faith to help guide them in their decision to move as Smith candidly expressed in the video. "I don't think I was totally myself at the old house and Amber probably wasn't either," he confessed. "I feel like this is God's plan and it's hard to say that because I can't understand this plan but it does feel like there are pieces of it that make a lot of sense."

Later in the video, a sweet montage of clips from the family's time at the house plays at the end of the video featuring all three of the Smith children.

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Granger Smith

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