Miley Cyrus Goes Off On Trolls Shaming Her For Cody Simpson Kiss

By Katrina Nattress

October 5, 2019

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Miley Cyrus is trying to celebrate Hot Girl Fall, and she wishes people could just respect that. After a video came out of the pop star swapping spit with Cody Simpson on Friday (October 4), the newly single Cyrus took to her Instagram story to first confirm her relationship with the Australian singer before going off on trolls slut-shaming her for the makeout sesh.

"22 ✅ Australian (my type) ✅ Abs ✅ Hot Girl Fall ✅," she captioned the first post — a black-and-white shot of a shirtless Simpson. She even playfully responded to the video, posting it to her story with the caption "Can a girl not get a f**king açai bowl and morning make out session in peace?!?! Lol sneaky a**" and linking to an article about the PDA.

But then, play time was over. The 26-year-old's next posts were lengthy clap backs explaining what it's like to date when you're a celebrity. She did acknowledge that she understands why people were so invested in her relationship and subsequent split with Liam Hemsworth (no mention of her short-lived relationship with Kaitlynn Carter though) but pleaded for people to not "make this awkward" for her as she navigates single life and slammed trolls slut-shaming her for the PDA.

Read her messages and check out the Instagram story posts below.

1. I know the public feels invested in my past relationship because they felt like they saw it thru from the beginning .... I think that’s why people have always felt so entitled over my life and how I live it because they’ve watched me grow up .... but I am grown now and make choices as an adult knowing the truth/details/reality. People only "know" what they see on the internet.
2. Men (especially successful ones) are RARELY slut shamed,” she said. "They move on from one beautiful young woman to the next MOST times without consequence. They are usually referred to as "legends", "heart throbs", "G", "Ladies Man", etc…. where women are called sluts/whores! I am trying to just THRIVE/survive in a "mans" world...If we can’t beat em, join em! If our president can "grab em by the pussy…." can’t I just have a kiss and an açai bowl?!?!

3. I refuse to recluse and "date" from home cause A. That’s not fun B. Extremely uncomfortable/puts me in a vulnerable position .... i would like to share an activity with someone I am dating and not be stuck at home with pretty much nothing to do but "Netflix and chill"
4. This "dating" thing is new to me too. I've never been an "adult" / grown ass woman experiencing this .... I was in a committed relationship for almost All my teens and early 20s ; with the exception of a few breaks, which usually In those times I was working my ass off with not much R&R....and "meeting/trusting" people in my position is really tuff. Don’t f*cking pity me, that’s not what I’m asking for. I have a great life I wouldn’t trade for "privacy" but PLEASE don’t make this awkward for me! I am trying to make light and like always MAKE FUN of myself / and the public’s perception of me! Get used to me dating - this is where I’m at! #HotGirlFall."

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