Kanye’s Done Apologizing— Ye Talks ‘Jesus Is King,’ Losing Fans & More

By Peyton Blakemore

October 25, 2019

Kanye West "is only looking for God's validation" when it comes to his music and how he lives his life.

In a candid interview with Real 92.3's Big Boy, Ye discussed his spiritual journey —specifically "becoming a humble servant to Christ" — black ownership, being "imperfect," and, of course, his gospel-inspired album, Jesus Is King.

To kick things off, Ye listed his issues with the "idea of apologizing" and becoming free of the weight of public perception. "Apologize for saying George Bush don't care [about black people]. Apologize for running on stage with Taylor Swift. Apologize for wearing the wrong colored hat. I ain't apologizing for nothing. Y'all dealing with grandpa now," he said. "I done been through too much. I'm the founder of a $3 billion company. You think I'm finna listen to somebody online tell me who I'm supposed to apologize for."

While he admitted that he's done apologizing for his "mistakes," or at least what others perceive as his pitfalls, Kanye still said he's a human being with feelings who certainly cares what others think of him, but not enough to stop serving the Lord.

Kanye went on to discuss how he no longer does things for "the culture," since it can't be defined. "This is one of my main things: What is the culture?" he asked. "We are orphans. We are culture-less. We don't have our own culture. We signed to culture vultures. We sign our life away. Our contracts are culture vultures. Thinking about everything that's cultural: taking a knee, being on social media, wearing high fashion, pushing a foreign is cultural. All these things are not owned by our culture. So who designed the culture? What does it mean to do it for the culture? That's why I do it for Christ."

The conversation then turned to Jesus Is King, as Big Boy asked, why Ye chose to go with a gospel-influenced project. "Because Jesus is King. I was making 'I Love It' a year ago," the 42-year-old rapper said. "I had denounced Christ and God brought me the hardest year of my life and said 'Are you ready my son?'"

Big Boy then pressed Ye, asking him what he meant by having his hardest year, to which Kanye responded: "Trump hat, slavery's a choice, that's a lot on my health, I already got HSP. I've already been diagnosed. Then you add that ... I'm a human being even though I can channel art. I work for Christ. God has supernatural powers. He can cover all of this, but I still am human."

And when asked if he feared losing his audience because of his newly found faith and Trump support, Ye made it very clear that that that is not at all his concern. "I told you I'm only afraid of God," he shared. "I'm only afraid of my daddy, God. I done been 15 years. I'm telling you that God is showing you that you can have your own thoughts, bro. I been canceled before there was cancel culture."

He added, "I've been killed on social media so many times and I'm still here."

As for what he wants people to get from Jesus Is King? Ye made it very simple: "The title right there. The fact that everyone says that is enough."

And while some may say they miss the old Kanye, he confessed that he is done playing his old songs live for good. "It ain't no 'probably," he told Big Boy. "When you walk in the Apple store, you don't see no iPod 4 ... I barely even know any of my rap lyrics now because I'm so focused on God, my family, building communities."

Check out Kanye's Jesus Is King album below!

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Photo: Real 92.3

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Chat About Kanye’s Done Apologizing— Ye Talks ‘Jesus Is King,’ Losing Fans & More

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