Ari Lennox Says She's Quitting Music After Soul Train Awards Snub

By Peyton Blakemore

November 19, 2019

Ari Lennox is done making music.

After being snubbed at Sunday's (November 17) Soul Train Awards, the soul singer took to Twitter on Monday (November 19) to express her frustrations in what has since become a two-day Twitter conversation.

In a set of now-deleted tweets, Ari first spoke of her album Shea Butter Baby saying it was "a soul album for black people." Her words then became a bit more targeted, as she made it clear that she was more than disappointed that the project didn't get any praise at the Soul Train Awards. "I want this sh*t way more than it wants me. I’m learning I have to stop caring... Yea I’m hurt. I’m not built for these things lmao," she wrote.

She returned to Twitter on Tuesday with more to say, after fans begged her not to take her loss to heart. "It’s not just an award. It wasn’t any award show. It was the soul train awards. As you can see I’m big fan of soul music and huge fan of soul trains history," Ari explained. "Being snubbed was something I always expected and was definitely prepared for just not by them."

"My intent was to never shade other nominees. I’m hurt and I don’t expect soulless haters to understand that," she added. "Everytime I wrap my mind around it I just can’t accept it. It feels like a break up. I made a soulful album. I never ran from who I am. I just expected that one platform to understand that."

The "B.M.O." singer continued to express herself writing, "it takes a lot of energy to do these things and ultimately this was a hard loss for me. My intent is never to annoy people who clearly don’t f**k with me, I dont be asking these shady blogs to post what I write. Me being honest doesn’t make me less gracious or less star worthy."

A fan then randomly suggested that Ari make a Christmas album to which she responded, "Naw I quit." She followed-up by saying, "I’m not selling out. So I quit."

Clearly still hurt by Sunday's defeat as well as her journey in the music industry, Ari wrote that she's just over it. "Tired of being annoying tired of being annoyed. I just ain’t built like the rest of them. This sh*t ain’t for me," she wrote. "It’s clear I’m not 'cool”'enough. Not trendy enough and I don’t care to be. I don’t strive for that. I’m not going to chase this sh*t ever again. No more fake sh*t on my part. It’s not just the awards. SBB was slept on in so many ways. Im too emotional to pretend like I can play this game."

"For people saying I just started no. I’ve been grinding since 2009," she clarified. "There was so much madness leading up to right now."

Arie concluded her Twitter session, writing, "Dear fake fans please unfollow. I’m not entitled. I’m hurt. There’s deeper things i would love to say but I just can’t. It’s not entitlement. It’s blatant disrespect."

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Ari Lennox

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