Freaky Green-Faced Alien Or Demon Shows Up On Google Maps' Street View

By Dave Basner

December 2, 2019

Google Maps has captured all sorts of things, from people cheating on their spouses to neighbors getting vengeance, but now, it might have photographed something from another world... or perhaps the underworld. The image comes from a small lane in Birmingham, England. It was discovered by Stevie Hall, who was looking for a place to park ahead of a trip there. It shows a large man with a freaky, green, demonic alien face.

Stevie told The Irish Sun, "I just froze in fear when I saw him and the hairs went up on the back of my neck. My friend and I thought we were seeing things and so had to check it again by putting in the post code. The Google info says it was shot in April so it wasn’t even Halloween. I searched for nearby conventions as well on that date and nothing. It isn’t faked either as you can see there are reflections on the car. I’m not really into conspiracy theories but we’ve been full of them since seeing it."

Strangely, in other images, Google Maps blurs the man's face.

It might just look like a guy wearing a mask, but as Stevie points out, "It doesn't appear to be a mask as every angle he looks from out of this world." Eerier still, Stevie noted, "I researched the image to see if it came up as a mask but there was nothing for sale on Amazon, eBay or anywhere."

He went on to propose that perhaps Google's cameras can see things the naked eye misses, stating, "Another strange thing is that no one else seems to react. It is a busy road and you would have thought people would see him - maybe it is only the Google cameras that can pick it up. He certainly doesn't look happy to have been caught on camera."

No word on what it actually is.

Photo: Google Maps, Getty Images

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