Doctors: Needing To Pee When It's Cold Could Be Sign Of A Deadly Condition

By Dave Basner

November 22, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

When it's summertime, you're keeping yourself hydrated by drinking more, which means you'll likely have to use the bathroom more frequently. However, if you find yourself needing to pee more when the weather is cold, that could actually be a sign of a deadly condition.

According to Dr. Diana Gall from British online service Doctor-4-U, it's a symptom of cold diuresis. Gall explained to The Sun, "Cold diuresis can occur when the body's temperature lowers. The biological response is to redirect blood to the core to create warmth, while the kidneys release extra fluid to stabilize the pressure. And it's this process which boosts urine production, giving you the urge to wee more in the cold winter months."

The problem, according to the doc, is "frequent urination due to diuresis can actually be really damaging to your body’s natural salt, water and mineral balance. It can lead to conditions like hyponatremia, when there’s not enough sodium in the body, or hyperkalemia, too much potassium, and hypokalemia, not enough potassium. All three of these conditions can prove fatal in extreme circumstances. And if you are peeing too much, you need to replenish fluids to avoid dehydration."

While one solution is to make sure you bundle up and stay warm in the colder months, another is to drink more, which of course, leads to more peeing. However, just like in the summer, staying hydrated is key in the winter as well.

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