This Is What Tyler Joseph's Baby Will Look Like According To The Clique

By Lindsey Smith

February 5, 2020

Tyler Joseph is patiently awaiting the arrival of his first child with his wife Jenna. When he's not busy setting up her nursery or eating mac and cheese with ketchup, he contemplates what their little girl will look like.

One to always involve fans in things, the twenty one pilots frontman took to Twitter on Tuesday (January 4) to get some help predicting what his daughter will look like as his wife is mere weeks (maybe even days!) away from giving birth.

“To my fellow professional photo editors: as my wife and I wait for our first child, I would like your help to show us what we should expect while still expecting,” he wrote. “I need some tasteful creations including half of my facial features and half of Jenna’s. Can’t wait to fall in love.”

The Clique wasted absolutely no time coming up with some pretty incredible (and truly frightening) creations for the singer. 

As a bonus, it wasn't just fans who joined in on the fun, Joseph's bandmate, Josh Dun, tried his hand at creating a visual for the expecting dad and I'm going to have nightmares about it until she's in college. 

“According to my thoughtful science, this is what I've been expecting from you guys. expect something like this,” Dun tweeted along with his photo that has a mix of both parents' features — including some face scruff.

See some of the best creations below — but be warned they are a lot.

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