'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Makes Miraculous Solve With Only Two Letters

By Dave Basner

March 2, 2020

To be a good player on Wheel of Fortune, you need to have a really firm grasp on both the English language and common phrases within it. You can't make strange letter guesses on puzzles or go blank at crucial moments. Well on a recent show, one woman proved herself to be a genius at the game by effortlessly solving a puzzle with just two letters in it.

There was already an "N" on the board in a 17-letter, five-word puzzle when a contestant named Taya asked if there were any "T's." There was only one, but she then boldly stated, "I'd like to try to solve." A hesitant Pat Sajak then said "okay" in a way that showed just how much he doubted Taya's abilities.

Somehow, Taya got "A Place Like No Other" and won the round.

While her solving skills are remarkable, it might not have been the best strategy. A contestant doesn't get more money if they solve the puzzle faster, in fact, quite the opposite. If a player knows the puzzle, they should keep spinning, guessing letters and earning money. So long as they don't wind up with Bankrupt or Lose A Turn, they will make a lot of money. Otherwise, they end up banking very little, like Taya did. Her speedy solve only banked her $650, but she did win a trip to Peru!

Taya also wound up winning the game, ultimately pocketing $13,650 and that Peruvian vacation. She could've gone on to win an additional $100,000 in the bonus round but was unable to solve another puzzle with just two letters.

(If you're interested, that puzzle was "_ _ _ _ _ _ H _ _ _ S" and the answer was "Baggy Khakis").

Photo: YouTube/WheelOfFortune

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