Hayley Williams Strips Down 'Leave It Alone' With Living Room Performance

By Lindsey Smith

March 16, 2020

On Sunday (March 15), Hayley Williams uploaded a new stripped down version of her single “Leave It Alone” to YouTube that is sure to keep fans entertained while we're all confined to our rooms. 

Titled “Sunday Sessions,” Williams explained: “Last year while making the record - Joey and I decided to strip down a few of the songs and perform them almost exactly the way they were written, at home. he and I wrote this one together.”

The video was shot entirely on an iPhone (by Williams' go-to photog, Lindsey Byrnes) and features Williams hanging on the comfiest looking velvet couch while touring member of Paramore Joey Howard plays the bass.

As expected, Williams' vocals are flawless and this raw version of the song is just as good as the official audio.

“This song is so powerful when performed in a minimalistic setting. This album is about being stripped down to barely anything, and finding strength to keep going. When the vocals are able to stand alone, it just adds that ideal lonely, yet powerful element to it. I love it!,” one fan commented on YouTube.

If you're obsessed with her new YouTube segment, Williams told fans that she has recorded a couple more “Sunday Sessions.”

“There are 2 others to come but those songs have yet to be released, so won’t to [stet] spoil those yet. hope you enjoy this first one,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Leave It Alone” is off Williams' debut solo album, Petals For Armor, out May 8. So far, she's released a five-song collection to introduce her fans to her new solo work. She also announced her first solo tour slated for this summer.

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