Video Shows Pope Disappearing Into Thin Air On TV

By Dave Basner

April 15, 2020

After spending a full month following stay at home orders, most Americans are getting a little loopy. It's gotten to the point where some folks might actually start seeing things that are just crazy. Of course, they might not be imagining it - there has been a lot going on in the world that is hard to believe. Now, there is a new a video that has some people sure they're seeing things and others certain it's real. So what's it of? The Pope disappearing on TV.

Video shows the head of the Catholic Church honoring the victims of COVID-19 from his window in Vatican City. He turns around and then disappears. One person shared the footage with the caption, "Nothing is real. Pope disappears into thin air."

Another person was able to slow down the video and it really does seem to show the pontiff vanishing.

The clip has some people claiming the church has created a hologram of Pope Francis, while others think he is even more divine than expected. Of course, the most likely explanation is that it's probably just a glitch in the filming or editing processes.

Photo: YouTube

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