Long-Debated 'Back To The Future' Plot Hole Put To Rest By Film's Writer

By Dave Basner

April 24, 2020

With millions of Americans abiding the stay-at-home orders to help slow the spread of coronavirus, many are turning to classic movies as a way to entertain themselves during quarantine. However, with so many films out there, it's hard to decide which ones to choose. Thankfully, plenty of people on Twitter are listing their "5 Perfect Movies" to help with that kind of a decision, but along with providing cinephiles with films to watch, it also restarted a debate over Back To The Future.

The issue is one that's been around since the movie came out in 1985. While some people feel the flick is perfect, others have pointed out a what they feel is a glaring plot hole - the fact that "Marty's" parents don't recognize him as "Calvin Klein," the guy who 20 years earlier helped his parents get together after his mom had a crush on him.

Well now, Bob Gale, the film's screenwriter, has chimed in on why that's the case, and his explanation might just have skeptics believing Back To The Future is indeed a perfect film. Gale told The Hollywood Reporter:

"Bear in mind that 'George' and 'Lorraine' only knew 'Marty'/'Calvin' for eight days when they were 17, and they did not even see him every one of those eight days. So, many years later, they still might remember that interesting kid who got them together on their first date. But I would ask anyone to think back on their own high school days and ask themselves how well they remember a kid who might have been at their school for even a semester. Or someone you went out with just one time. If you had no photo reference, after 25 years, you'd probably have just a hazy recollection. So 'Lorraine' and 'George' might think it funny that they once actually met someone named 'Calvin Klein,' and even if they thought their son at age 16 or 17 had some resemblance to him, it wouldn't be a big deal. I'd bet most of us could look thru our high school yearbooks and find photos of our teen-aged classmates that bear some resemblance to our children." 

There you have it, and it's a good thing too - otherwise Gale might have had to go back in time to rewrite the movie.

Photo: Getty Images

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