Man Not Wearing Mask For Medical Reasons Kicked Out Of Supermarket

By Dave Basner

May 13, 2020

With how contagious coronavirus is, it is highly suggested that people use face masks not just to protect themselves, but to protect those around them. In fact, in Pennsylvania, employees and customers are required to wear masks, though the rule doesn't apply to people with medical conditions who have a note from their doctor.

Nick Conley is one such person. The Monroeville native gets anxiety and panic attacks from wearing a face mask so he is exempt, and has a note from his medical professional to prove it. However, when Conley went to his local supermarket, once they saw he didn't have a mask on, they kicked him out. Things got a little physical and now the 23-year-old Nick is facing charges of disorderly conduct and simple assault. He filmed the whole encounter as it went down.

Nick says he tried to tell store workers that he has a note from his doctor but they only wanted him out, which frustrated him. The charges stem from Nick pushing a security guard who he says pushed him first. He admitted to Inside Edition, "It escalated fast," adding, "I can see where people see that video and are just like 'Oh my gosh!'"

For their part, the Giant Eagle, the supermarket where the incident happened, said in a statement, "We have numerous options in place to best support guests who report a medical condition and appropriately bring it to the attention of store leadership. This includes having one of our Team Members shop for them."

Photo: YouTube/InsideEdition

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