Brian May Talks Queen's 'Secret' Recording Sessions With Adam Lambert

By Eliot Hill

May 19, 2020

In a newly-released deleted scene from Sammy Hagar‘s AXS show, Rock & Roll Road Trip, Hagar spoke with Queen's Brian May to talk about all things songwriting.

As many know, singer Adam Lambert has collaborated with Queen since 2011 and has done a phenomenal job taking over vocals when the band goes on tour. 

In the short interview, May revealed that, unbeknownst to fans, Queen and Lambert have actually recorded some music together … but there's one tiny catch. “We have recorded with Adam in secret, but we haven't felt it was right to put it out,” he explained. “We didn't think we hit the right kind of vibe.”

Which basically translates to the public never getting to hear the music they've recorded. Thankfully, we have their quarantined version of “We Are The Champions” to hold us over.

Elsewhere in the interview, May opens up about what he misses most about Freddie Mercury's singing while discussing the importance of the messages a frontman puts across while singing. “I loved to write for Freddie. I loved to see him do his stuff with us,” May said. “You would give Freddie something and he would make it into something else. He would take it to the next place. So I miss that.”

May has also recently opened up about Queen's decision if a Bohemian Rhapsody sequel would be happening in the future. 

Queen recently made its iconic Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert from 1992 available for free to the public to raise money for the World Health Organization (WHO) and its COVID-19 relief efforts.

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